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LG Optimus G Pro Unlock

We proudly offer you to unlock your LG Optimus G Pro phone to enable use of your phone with other network carriers without any restrictions, saving money by avoiding roaming charges and increasing the value of your cell phone! Unlocking your LG Optimus G Pro can be done using any method outlined below:

Unlock your LG Optimus G Pro by Code

Unlock by Code

Unlock your phone just by inputting a code using the phone's keypad. All we need to generate the unlock code is your phone's IMEI/serial number.

LG Optimus G Pro clean IMEI check

Clean IMEI check

This tool will provide you with important details and history about your cell phone such as if it was bought legitimately, if it is or was ever barred by mobile operators due to being lost or stolen, insurance claims, if it was ever refurbished & many more!. This tool is ideal if you are buying or have bought a second hand phone. All we need to verify if your phone IMEI is clean is the IMEI/serial number.

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Customer Testimonials
Thank you so much, it worked, now i can use anywhere in the world

Shady Mounir

excelent service thank you

carlos perez

Thank you. Very fast answer

Renzo Moccia

I want to thank you for the code, i received it after 6 days of payment, and it worked, i received 3 codes NCK, MCK & RGCK , i tried all three & the RGCK worked. Thanks Again


Thanks. The code worked fine.

Molokwu Onyeka

Worked first try! Thanks!

Norm Hanley

its the best unlocking company ever

jack throckmorton

the best unlocking phone company ever and it is safe too

jack throckmorton

Thank you so much! Best service provider. Phone unlocked with first code.


Takes a little longer as promised, first code works, all in all great job

Miha Hafner

thank you!



Adam Harris

waaaw realy i like it

axmed saciid

This is the best unlocking site ever. I've worked with them for a year now and I haven't regreted 1 bit

Gregory Amos

Its unloch ,thanks very much for ur support


Trusted company excellent service work perfectly 100% recommended.

Sergio Balsamo

Excellent service, no gimicks, turn around was only one business day. The unlock is permanent.

Francois Benedetti

woow is nice

axmed saciid

Wow! The code worked. I will be definitely recommending this site to my friends. Thanks a lot.

Marlon McLaren

i have to say thank you it took a little more time than expected but first code went thru quick its good!!!


I am from the Caribbean and was sceptical, but purchased the code. Got a bit anxious when i had to wait longer than expected, but to my amazement and delight, the phone was unlocked at the first attempt.! Too Easy! Susan SB

Susan S.B

Thanks, it is working! All the best!

Zoran Bujakovic

Hi,i had made a mistake when i enter the unlock code for the first time,but i filmed the hall process and i see my fault and the second time everything was is good to make a vidieo even for yourself comfort..

Nadir Falyaha

You have provided me with 2 codes for 2 phones and work great,thanks for the great work,i will refer and use you again whenever needed!

Kenneth Cathcart

Excellent service,Codes worked perfectly and phone is great!

Ken Cathcart

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